Skin Novela Serum – Additional Info

Skin Novela Ingredients

In any good novella, you’re going to need a good hero.  The hero in this story is collagen.  Collagen is one of the most important structures in our body.  It helps our skin to retain its rigidity and shape, as well as protect against further aging damage.  But one thing it does exceptionally well is improve the moisture retention ability of your skin.  If you think of your skin as a paper cup, collagen constitutes the fiber of that cup.  As it breaks down over time, and isn’t replaced, that cup starts to leak.  As it leaks water, it’s less able to produce more collagen, and the problem gets worse. 

By helping jumpstart collagen production via topical collagen application, you’re helping to improve not only moisture retention and collagen production, but skin quality on the whole.  Combined with a good, moisture retaining ingredient like peptides, you get a great combination of effects.

Skin Novela Serum Side Effects 

So, with all these great benefits floating around, does Skin Novela Serum have any side effects?  That can be a tough question to answer.  That’s especially true when you consider just how many different people there are that might try it.  People have all kinds of skin types, and those skin types can respond to products in different ways.  In addition, some people have allergies to certain ingredients, which can make it even harder to say definitively that a product doesn’t have side effects.  If you think that you might have an adverse reaction, or even just want to be on the safe side, check in with your doctor, or dermatologist if you have one.

Skin Novela Serum Reviews

When a serum comes out, it generally takes a little time for reviews to come out about the product.  Not Skin Novela Serum.  We’ve seen review after review pouring in, and they’re almost all saying that the product is impossibly good.  So, are they marketing shills? Or are they really having that good of experiences?  For now, we’ll just have to take their word for it.  The product does seem to be really successful, for what it’s worth.  While success doesn’t necessarily equate to a quality product, it seems to be the case for Skin Novela Serum.  User reviews have been somewhat marred by negative comments on the trial program, so take that for what it’s worth. 

Skin Novela Contact Information

It looks like the company is based out of Santa Ana, CA, which seems to be a pretty common place for skincare products to be based out of.  The number they have listed for contacting support is 888-978-3976.   The email they have listed as of 3/23/2017 is  Their return address is listed as Attention: Skin Novela Returns Department, 1800 N Birstol ST. #613, Santa Ana, CA 92706.

We don’t keep this information updated, and can’t guarantee that they’ll even have these lines operable, so if you get a trial, be sure to write down the current information for your records.